Speed bumps coming to 6th Street Viaduct after illegal takeovers and bridge shutdowns

Aerial view of a bridge with tire marks in straight lines and loops on the street.
Tire marks are seen last week on the 6th Street Viaduct after an illegal street takeover.
(Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

Two weeks after the opening of Los Angeles’ new 6th Street Viaduct, the city has a plan for curbing dangerous street takeovers and stunt drivers that have caused chaos on the bridge: speed bumps.

The Bureau of Street Services began laying down speed bumps along the viaduct Sunday, LAPD Chief Michel Moore said at Tuesday’s Police Commission meeting. Discussions on installing a center median to divide lanes of traffic, as well as additional fencing to prevent people from climbing up the bridges’ arches, are also underway.

“The 6th Street bridge offered [the] type of opportunity for Los Angeles to be proud of a historic L.A. River, the origins of the city, as well as the viaduct,” Moore said. “Unfortunately, since its opening, it has also served, or become known as, a place where people are going to gather and conduct exhibitions.”


City officials hope the new 6th St. Viaduct will be a venerable icon like the Golden Gate. But Los Angeles has a way of spinning its own stories.

July 18, 2022

Those exhibitions, Moore said, include dangerous car stunts that often end in collisions, and spectators climbing over safety barriers and onto the bridge’s arches, looking for “15 minutes of fame” on social media.

On Tuesday night, the bridge was shut down for the fourth time in five days because of street takeovers and illegal activity. The LAPD has issued more than 57 citations related to dangerous driving stunts on the bridge, and six cars have been impounded.

Moore said nearby residents gathered recently along the viaduct, which connects Boyle Heights to downtown L.A., with homemade signs calling for an end to takeovers and illegal stunts.