Kristen Stewart’s trajectory to Oscar hopeful

Illustration of Kristen Stewart in her role as Princess Diana
Kristen Stewart is an early Oscar frontrunner for her work in “Spencer.”
(Sarah Tanat-Jones/For The Times)

Kristen Stewart’s early Oscar frontrunner status for her performance as Princess Diana in “Spencer” represents a remarkable journey from her breakthrough in the popular but critically derided “Twilight” franchise.

2008: The first of five “Twilight” movies is released, with Stewart starring as Bella, a quiet teen enamored with a sparkly vampire. Critics are kinder to Stewart than to the films, but these movies are not awards material.

2009: Stewart wins praise for the nostalgic comedy “Adventureland.” “Here is an actress ready to do important things,” Roger Ebert wrote — offsetting the dismal reviews for the second “Twilight” film.


2010: Her performance as real-life rocker Joan Jett in “The Runaways” is lauded for its un-Bella-like oomph.

2: Stewart draws acclaim for two outings for French director Olivier Assayas, the 2014 character study “Clouds of Sils Maria” and the 2016 supernatural thriller “Personal Shopper.”

1: Stewart’s 2015 César Award for her supporting performance in “Sils Maria” was the first won by an American actress. It’s her biggest honor to date.