Quiz: Will you be voting for ‘Top Gun: Maverick” for best picture?

Tom Cruise could be riding into the awards season.
(Chris Morris / For The Times)

“Top Gun: Maverick” has grossed nearly $1.5 billion at the global box office since opening in May. The National Board of Review just named it the year’s best film. Can recognition at the Oscars — if, for nothing else, propping up the ailing theater business — be far behind?

Take the following quiz to see how deep you are in the danger zone.

1. Did you see the original “Top Gun” in a theater?
Yes (8)
No (3)
I prefer not to answer your ageist question. Next! (10)

2. You watched “Top Gun: Maverick”:
In a theater (4)
In a theater, in Imax, at home, you name it ... (8)
On a motorcycle (10)

3. That proposed popular film Oscar category from a few years ago was ...
Much needed (10)
Cynical pandering. These are not the People’s Choice Awards! (2)

4. Call sign you go by:
Apex (7)
Razor (8)
Arugula (0)

5. Last book you read:
Anything by Colleen Hoover! (0)
The last Grisham paperback I picked up at the airport (5)
“Dianetics” by L. Ron Hubbard (9)

6. You prefer:
Rooster (8)
Goose (6)
Duck à l’orange (0)

7. Boats:
Sail them (4)
Land on them! (10)

8. Favorite memory with Dad:
Playing catch (6)
Playing chess (2)
Playing “Great Balls of Fire” on a piano in a bar (10)

9. You know it’ll be a good movie when you see this credit:
Tom Cruise (8)
Terrence Malick (2)
“Made in cooperation with the Department of Defense” (10)

10. Favorite zone:
Danger (10)
Residential (2)
Calzone, golden brown! (0)

11. You feel the need for:
Speed (10)
Greed (6)
Some weed. Mind if I do a J? (1)


12. Motorcycle helmets:
Wear one! It’s the law! (2)
Forget it! The world needs to see your aviator sunglasses and smile! (9)

13. The highest goal of cinema is:
To convey emotional, psychological experiences from one group of human beings to another group of human beings (0)
Make the theater walls rattle, the auditorium seats rumble and leave the audience with temporary hearing loss when they leave the movie (10)

14. Mantra in times of trouble:
“I will overcome this challenge” (6)
“I won’t beat myself up for things I can’t control” (4)
“Talk to me, Goose!” (10)

15. Favorite passive-aggressive tactic:
Sulking (2)
“My feelings? Oh, don’t worry about those. No one else does.” (0)
Buzzing the tower (10)

16. Number of times you cried during “Top Gun: Maverick”:
Once, during the scene with Iceman (6)
Once, when I realized Kelly McGillis wasn’t going to be in the movie (0)
Too many to count, starting with the opening synth beats of “Top Gun Anthem” (10)

17. Shirtless:
Volleyball (5)
Football (8)
Don’t make me choose! (10)

18. Best Tom Cruise stunt:
The cliff jump in “Mission: Impossible 2” (10)
The couch jump with Oprah (0)

19. Relationship with authority:
Obedient (4)
Obsequious (0)
“Sometimes, you gotta say what the f—” (10)

20. Take-away after watching “Top Gun: Maverick”:
Tom Cruise never ages! (4)
Do not put your phone on the counter of a naval air station bar unless you want to buy everyone drinks (4)
“America, F— Yeah!” (6)
AARP-age dudes are not obsolete. In fact, they can solve all the world’s problems and will 100% kick your ass if you doubt them! (7)
All of the above (10)

130 and above: Mach 10!
70-129: You kinda have that lovin’ feeling.
Below 70: Grounded