Golden Globes could reunite Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. At least fans hope

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at the 2004 Emmys
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt at the Emmy Awards in 2004.
(Kevin Winter / Getty Images)

Will Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt get back together on the Golden Globes’ red carpet? Will they remarry before the third commercial break? And will they adopt before the show is over?

Most importantly: Where is Angelina Jolie’s nomination for the “Maleficent” sequel?

With Monday’s nominations of former spouses Aniston and Pitt — her for lead actress in “The Morning Show” and him for supporting actor in “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood” — the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. has engineered a ready-made tabloid moment, coming the first week in January.



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The complete list of 2020 Golden Globes winners and nominees

Jan. 5, 2020

Here’s a brief history of their relationship, minus the gajillion-million made-up stories that gossip outlets have peddled in the last 15 years.

The “Friends” actress and the breakout star of “Thelma & Louise” were set up by their agents in 1998 and got married two years later.

They hit their first red carpet together at the Emmy Awards in September 1999 and graced the Golden Globes as a couple in 2002, when both performers were nominated for performances in “Friends.” America loved them.

Alas, their breakup came in January 2005, after Pitt and Jolie worked together on “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” The couple known as Brangelina emerged from the ashes, as did a “Poor Jen” story line that continues to this day.

In an age where too many celebrities are famous for little more than being famous, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt occupy a spot in the Hollywood firmament matched only by the stars of yesteryear — Bogart and Bacall, Tracy and Hepburn, even Burton and Taylor.

Sept. 20, 2016

Pitt and Jolie split in 2016, after two years of marriage, ending their 12-year relationship. Aniston married Justin Theroux in 2015, but they split in early 2018.


And it’s not as if Aniston and Pitt have been completely incommunicado since 2005: They’ve reportedly remained friendly, though not close, and he attended her 50th-birthday party in February.

Now the two will be in the same room together, with cameras present and everything. Fans seem to be stoked — or something.

Yep, Gwyneth Paltrow, who once dated Pitt, will also be in the audience, as will Laura Dern, who was engaged to Billy Bob Thornton before Jolie met and married him, which all happened a while before she met and married Pitt, which happened while Pitt was married to Aniston. Oh, what a wicked web Hollywood weaves.

Incidentally, Aniston and Jolie both attended the Globes in 2018, with Pitt nowhere to be found. And the world continued to turn.

Host Ricky Gervais is going to have a field day with this one.