Kanye West chills out on Instagram after his latest posts ‘came off as harassing Kim’

Kanye West holds a microphone onstage
Ye sounded a bit different Tuesday on Instagram as he abandoned his all-caps technique.
(Amy Harris / Invision / Associated Press)

It looks like things are calming down for Ye, whose Instagram of late has been full of ALL-CAPS posts. On Tuesday, he — or his team? — showed contrition for his recent behavior.

“I’ve learned that using all caps makes people feel like I’m screaming at them,” the rapper formerly known as Kanye West wrote, captioning a photo of himself during his “Free Larry Hoover” concert in December. “I’m working on my communication. I can benefit from a team of creative professionals, organizers, mobilizers and community leaders.”

It hardly sounds like the same guy who in the past week or so has written in social media posts things like “IM NOT PLAYING ABOUT MY BLACK CHILDREN ANYMORE” and “SINCE THIS IS MY FIRST DIVORCE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT MY DAUGHTER BEING PUT ON TIK TOK AGAINST MY WILL?”


Yep, that definitely sounded like screaming, Ye.

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The rapper has lashed out recently against estranged wife Kim Kardashian over their parenting squabbles. He has also posted disparaging remarks about Kardashian’s boyfriend, “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson.

But Ye has also expressed a desire to have his family reunited, even as he’s been dating too. Then on Valentine’s Day he posted pics of a truck with a bed full of roses, emblazoned with the words “My Vision is Krystal Klear,” hinting that he had sent them to Kardashian.

As of Tuesday afternoon, West had wiped his Instagram account clean except for this latest post and another one with some aspirational words of wisdom.

Ye and Kardashian, who share four children, are still negotiating their divorce, which she filed for a year ago.

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“Thank everybody for supporting me,” Ye continued Tuesday, seemingly acknowledging recent actions. “I know sharing screen shots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim.”

In the private screenshots Ye posted, Kardashian texted that he was creating a “dangerous and scary environment” for Davidson with his song lyrics and public comments.


“Someone will hurt Pete and this will be all your fault,” Kardashian wrote.

Ye continued in his new softer tone Tuesday, writing, “I take accountability. I’m still learning in real time. I don’t have all the answers. To be good leader is to be a good listener.”

So is a kinder, gentler Ye really on the way? Time — and social media — will tell.