Jennifer Lopez’s album ‘This Is Me ... Now’ gets 2024 release — and a companion movie

Jennifer Lopez is seen at an angle and clad in a sheer, cream-colored top under a fringed jacket with a bulky silver necklace
Jennifer Lopez will release her album “This Is Me ... Now” and a companion film in the new year.
(Evan Agostini / Invision / Associated Press)

Come the new year, Jennifer Lopez will roll out the red carpet for more than just her new album, “This Is Me ... Now.”

Next February, fans of the “On the Floor” singer will be treated to 13 new songs and a colorful accompanying Amazon Prime Video film, Lopez announced Monday. “This Is Me … Now: The Film,” produced by her Nuyorican Productions, will be inspired by her forthcoming album.

“This musical experience is a manifestation, through music, film, and reality, of a life’s journey on the search for the truth about love,” the singer wrote on Instagram over the weekend.

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her first wedding anniversary with ‘Dear Ben Pt. II,’ another song dedicated to husband Ben Affleck. ‘How did we end up here?’ she writes.

Aug. 21, 2023

In a teaser for the film — directed by Dave Meyers, a SZA and Kendrick Lamar collaborator — Lopez dances in the rain, spins in a factory full of rose petals, busts out her best moves in risqué bridal wear and walks down the aisle. “When someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always, ‘In Love,’” she says in a moody scene at the beginning of the clip.


The film is described as a “visual reimagining of [Lopez’s] publicly scrutinized love life” and a tribute to the singer’s self-healing journey and her “everlasting belief in fairytale endings.”

Months before the release of “This Is Me ... Now,” Lopez made it very clear that her new album would be romance-driven. Like its predecessor “This Is Me ... Then,” the singer’s new album will feature music about her rekindled romance with husband Ben Affleck. After calling off their first engagement in January 2004, the pair (a.k.a. “Bennifer”) reunited in 2021 and married in 2022.

The pair’s apparent reunion has many of us cheering — not only for the triumph of true love but also for the chance at a much-needed media do-over.

May 12, 2021

In August, Lopez, 54, teased a snippet of her single “Dear Ben Pt. II,” a follow-up to her 2002 song “Dear Ben.” Celebrating their wedding anniversary, Lopez shared photos from her wedding to Affleck at his Georgia home.

She captioned the pictures: “How did we end up here / without a rewind? / Oh my / This is my life.”

“This Is Me ... Now” and its companion movie, co-written by Lopez, Affleck and Matt Walton, will drop Feb. 16, 2024, more than a year after Lopez announced her album in November 2022. The album, which was initially set to set to drop “this summer,” will mark Lopez’s first solo release since her “A.K.A.” in 2014.


Lopez’s “This Is Me ... Now” will also feature tracks titled “Mad in Love,” “Midnight Trip to Vegas” and “Greatest Love Story Never Told.”