28 burning questions about Baby Yoda


This story contains some spoilers for “The Mandalorian.”

Four episodes into “The Mandalorian,” the first ever live-action “Star Wars” series, one thing is clear: Baby Yoda is the breakout star.

Costar Werner Herzog described him as “heartbreakingly beautiful,” while Gina Carano (Cara Dune) referred to him as “our precious.” Director Deborah Chow has explained how “the whole crew would respond to [him]” whenever he was on set. The internet can’t get enough of him.


The fourth and most recent episode, “Sanctuary,” briefly makes it seem like there’s a possibility that Mando (Pedro Pascal) will part ways with Baby Yoda. But to the collective relief of everyone watching the Disney+ series, the bounty hunter and adorable toddler are still traveling together.

Still, not much is known about the diminutive character, who on the show has only been referred to as “the child.” He is 50 years old, some not-so-nice people are after him, he can use the Force and he may like eating space frogs (in the latest episode, he was also shown sipping some soup). He is nonverbal but very expressive.

The unnamed child has been dubbed “Baby Yoda” by the audience because he is clearly of the same officially “unknown” alien species as the legendary Jedi Master Yoda. The only other known canonical character of this mysterious species is Yaddle, who appeared as a member of the Jedi Council in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.”

Below are some questions we still have about Baby Yoda. Fingers crossed that some will be answered during the remaining episodes of “The Mandalorian’s” first season.

  • Where has Baby Yoda been for the last 50 years?
  • Did Yoda know about Baby Yoda? Are there others?
  • Why are people after Baby Yoda? What do the client (Herzog) and the Empire want with him?
  • Who else knows about Baby Yoda?
  • Are all members of Yoda’s species Force-sensitive?
  • Does his species have a name?
  • Was Baby Yoda born? Hatched from an egg? Cloned in a lab?
  • Does he have parents? Siblings?
  • Does Mando do Baby Yoda’s laundry?
  • What else does Baby Yoda eat? Are there things he can’t eat?
  • Is Baby Yoda potty trained?
  • What will be Baby Yoda’s first words? Talk like Yoda, he will?
  • How long will Baby Yoda remain a baby/toddler? Does he age linearly?
  • Will he be called “Teen Yoda” even if he’s hundreds of years old?
  • Where is Baby Yoda’s home world?
  • Does he have any additional abilities?
  • Does Baby Yoda have a name? Does it start with a Y?
  • Will Mando give Baby Yoda a name or keep calling him “the kid”?
  • What is the acceptable age to give Baby Yoda a lightsaber?