Need a new TV show for kids? Try these 6

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With schools closed across the country and lots of parents working from home, chances are you’re logging more screen time than usual. Maybe you’re even getting sick of some of your favorites.

No need to suffer. There are plenty of shows available to stream that will keep you entertained and might even help you learn a few things. Here are a few we suggest checking out.

“Ask the Storybots” - Netflix

This animated show follows five colorful robots on a mission to investigate questions submitted by real kids that you’ve probably wondered about yourself: What happens when you flush the toilet? How do people catch a cold? Why can’t I eat dessert all the time? The only danger of watching this show are the catchy songs that will surely get stuck in your head.


“The Who Was? Show” - Netflix

“The Who Was? Show” is a sketch-comedy show that brings to life people from the past like Albert Einstein, Marie Antoinette, Julius Caesar and Bruce Lee, played by young actors in ridiculous costumes. Think of it as an extra silly history lesson.

“Molly of Denali” - PBS Kids app and PBS Kids channel on Amazon Prime Video

This animated series on PBS follows Molly, an adventurous 10-year-old who lives in a remote Alaskan village with her parents, who run the local trading post. “Molly of Denali” is great for you if you’re interested in learning about wildlife, exploration and Native American traditions.

“Odd Squad” - PBS Kids app, PBS Kids channel on Amazon Prime Video

Another great show from PBS, “Odd Squad” follows a group of kids-turned-secret agents who use math to investigate mysterious events in their small town. Blending suspense, action and comedy, “Odd Squad” is so entertaining you’ll barely notice it’s also educational.

“Pee-wee’s Playhouse” - Netflix

In this colorful show from the 1980s, Paul Reubens plays the childlike Pee-Wee Herman. In each episode, Pee-Wee visits a playhouse filled with unusual objects, including a talking chair and a floating genie head. Bonus: your parents will probably like watching this one with you.

“Too Cute” - Hulu, Animal Planet GO

If you are a fan of adorable things, check out this show. Each episode follows a group of newborn creatures — mostly kittens and puppies but also baby skunks and sloths — through the first few weeks of life. You will learn about different animal breeds and their young while squee-ing over squirming puppies. It’s a win-win.