Hustling Globes! Aereo heads to Supreme Court. ‘Lone Survivor’ wins.

“American Hustle” cast at Golden Globes.
“American Hustle stars Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence
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After the coffee. Before hearing Fox explain how it fixed “American Idol.”

The Skinny: I know, we’re all tired from the Golden Globes. Yes, I saw Bono too, but I had more fun talking to John Leguizamo about “Carlito’s Way.” I’m on five hours’ sleep and now have to go head out to Pasadena to cover Fox’s day at the TV critics press tour. It’s a rough life. Monday’s headlines include Golden Globe recaps, a report on the weekend box office and the latest on the fight between DirecTV and the Weather Channel. Also, the Supreme Court said it will hear why the broadcast industry thinks Aereo should be shut down.

Daily Dose: Normally I use this space to squeeze in some late-breaking news or a little exclusive for you to chew on. But today we’ll provide a flashback. Lots of stories popping Sunday and Monday about how the NFL is preparing to offer a Thursday package of games to interested TV networks. Perfectly legit story but nothing new. Here’s the link to a story on this I wrote back in November. By the way, likely bidders are Turner, Fox Sports 1 and NBC Sports Network. Sorry for the horn toot and I’m not suggesting I’m the only one who has previously written this.

Hustling the Globes. “American Hustle” had a big night at the Golden Globes as Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence won acting awards. “12 Years a Slave” also took home a big award, as did “Gravity.” That means if you are looking at the Golden Globes as a guide to how to fill out your Oscar pool form, you might be better off going with the dartboard approach. On the TV front, Fox’s freshman comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” cleaned up as did “Breaking Bad.” Globes coverage from the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Variety and Hollywood Reporter.


Golden Globes 2014: Full coverage | Show highlights | Best & Worst | Top winners/nomineesOne-man wrecking crew. The war drama “Lone Survivor” ambushed the competition at the box office this weekend, taking almost $40 million. Not bad given that its target audience was probably also glued to the TV watching the NFL playoffs. Disney’s “Frozen” finished second while “The Wolf of Wall Street” inched closer to the $100 million mark. Not showing much muscle was the new “Hercules” movie. Weekend box office recaps from the Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

Frozen treat. Walt Disney Co.'s animated family movie “Frozen” may be the biggest box office surprise of the year. It has passed the $300 million mark in domestic box office and has taken in more than $700 million overseas. And it hasn’t even opened in China yet! The Wall Street Journal on how “Frozen” melted the box office.

Getting their day in court. On Friday, the Supreme Court said it would hear arguments from the broadcast industry about why the start-up company Aereo, which distributes local signals of TV stations via the Internet, should be shut down on the grounds that it violates copyright law. Broadcasters, including CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC, fear that Aereo, which charges subscribers $8 to $12 a month for the service (and access to a cloud-based DVR) could undermine their business model. Coverage from the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post

MORE: Red carpet arrivals | Complete list | Quotes from the stars | Main story | Nominee reactionsHeavy weather. If you are a DirecTV subscriber, there is a good chance you will wake up Tuesday without the Weather Channel. Now if you are in Los Angles, that’s no big deal but if weather decides your day, you might miss it a little. The two sides are bickering over a new distribution deal. Weather Channel wants a little more cash and DirecTV, already paying through the nose for sports and entertainment networks, figures it has to draw a line in the sand somewhere. More from the Los Angeles Times and a take on Weather Channel’s public relations strategy from Inside Cable News.


Sorry, only David Letterman and soon Jimmy Fallon have that power. The White House said it can’t take ABC late night host Jimmy Kimmel off the air. It was responding to a petition signed by more than 100,000 people upset with Kimmel’s parody of the AT&T ads featuring comedian Beck Bennett. Kimmel’s mock ad was about how the U.S. could fix some of its economic woes and one little boy suggests killing everyone in China. Details on the failed petition from the Associated Press

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Mary McNamara on the Golden Globes. Robert Lloyd on the new FX animated series “Chozen.”
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