Sony Pictures hacked

Sony hack updates: U.S. breached N. Korea networks before attack, report says

The United States is imposing new economic sanctions on North Korea in response to a cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that was revealed Nov. 24. U.S. officials have blamed North Korea for the hack, which was said to be a reaction to "The Interview," Sony's comedy about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Here's the latest on the story.

Sony's 'The Interview' on strange ground, but is it in cult-film zone?

'The Interview' is generating much curiosity for Sony, but whether that translates to cult-film status remains to be seen.

'The Interview': Indie theaters to go forward with screenings

Sony will give "The Interview" a "limited theatrical release" beginning Christmas Day, the company said Tuesday, releasing the movie in a handful of independent theaters across the country.

'Interview' fallout no laughing matter in comedy world

Sony's capitulation to cyber threat may signal content censorship from studios and television networks.

Sony Pictures hack fuels speculation about studio's possible sale

Fallout from the crippling cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment has called into question exactly what the future holds for one of Hollywood's biggest names.

North Korea proposes joint probe over Sony hacking

Absurd, this fuss over Three Stooges-like 'The Interview'

A movie critic who saw ¿The Interview¿ speculates that if North Koreans bothered to watch the movie, even they might think the country overreacted.

Sony shake-up possible after hack, analysts say

Experts on North Korea see regime's fingerprints on Sony attack

Al Sharpton on Sony's Amy Pascal: 'Jury is still out'

The Rev. Al Sharpton on Thursday said that "the jury is still out on where we go" with embattled Sony Entertainment Pictures co-Chairman Amy Pascal, who came under pressure after a cyberattack exposed her racially tinged email exchanges with a Hollywood producer.

Hack attack over Sony's 'Interview' shows risks of naming bad guys

Despite a long history of identifiable villains, Hollywood observers think studios will be more circumspect in naming their diabolical characters

Sony hackers issue threat in latest message: 'The world will be full of fear'

Sony cyberattack group Guardians of Peace issues a warning about 'The Interview.'

'The Interview's' Kim Jong Un actor, Randall Park, knew it was 'insane'

'The Interview's' Kim Jong Un actor, Randall Park, says 'there's no way [North Korea] would make policy based on a comedy movie.'

Sony calls on media to stop publishing hacked documents

James Franco, Seth Rogen still smiling at muted 'Interview' premiere

James Franco, Seth Rogen, The Interview premiere, Sony

Sony wrestles with how to market 'Interview' amid geopolitics, scandal

International controversy and in-house scandal make marketing 'The Interview' a tricky business for Sony Pictures.

'The Interview': Low-key premiere for high-profile Seth Rogen film

In an alternative universe without blaring headlines about leaked emails, security breaches and North Korean denunciations, one imagines that Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures Co-Chair Amy Pascal apologizes for emails about Obama

Amy Pascal, whose emails with Scott Rudin about Obama were leaked in the Sony cyber attack, says her comments were 'insensitive.'