Denzel Washington follows in Jack Lemmon’s footsteps when it comes to the Oscars

Denzel Washington at the Oscar luncheon as a nominee for “Flight” in 2013.
(Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times)

Denzel Washington, Oscar-nominated for the title role in “Roman J. Israel, Esq.,” has an Academy Awards profile that parallels Jack Lemmon’s in many ways. Here’s a by-the-numbers rundown:

2, 8 – Number of Oscars and nominations, respectively, that Washington, 63 — up for lead actor this year — has picked up so far. Lemmon, who died at age 76 in 2001, won two Oscars from eight nominations in his lifetime.

Jack Lemmon, center, in 1955's "Mister Roberts."
(Warner Bros. / AFP )

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30s – Age range when they won their first Oscars for supporting roles as military men. Lemmon, then 31, won in 1956 for his performance as a World War II ensign in “Mister Roberts.” Washington was 35 when he won in 1990 for his portrayal of a Civil War soldier in “Glory.”

49, 47 – Lemmon’s and Washington’s ages, respectively, when each won a lead Oscar in a star vehicle (1973’s “Save the Tiger” for Lemmon, 2001’s “Training Day” for Washington) that would be remembered mainly for his performance.

5 – Each was on his fifth nomination when he won his lead Oscar.