We asked Kate Beckinsale, Ken Jeong and others: Who will win the ‘Game of Thrones’?

We asked some of TV’s biggest stars who will be the last person - or dragon - standing at the end of Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” finale. 

With a certain HBO dragon drama ending this weekend, the Iron Throne — and who will sit on it — is the hottest topic of conversation in town, and most certainly in all of Westeros. The winding down of “Game of Thrones” after eight seasons and three best drama Emmy wins to date, was all we could talk about when a number of celebrities stopped by the L.A. Times video studio recently.

Some, like Jared Harris, had elaborate theories about who will rule the Seven Kingdoms; others quickly picked a favorite — Jon Snow, Sansa, even Arya and Tyrion pulled in some votes. Some had never even seen the series (we’re looking at you Christina Applegate and Kate Beckinsale).

Right, wrong or ridiculous, there’s no judging their answers — until Sunday’s series finale that is. Will it be the Prince Who Was Promised? The Baby-Faced Assassin? The jazz-flute-playing Anchorman? (Wait, what?)

However it shakes out, we say thanks for playing, Christina Hendricks, Ken Jeong, Ralph Macchio, Eric McCormack and the rest of you. We hope you had as much fun sharing your thoughts about the final outcome as we did grilling you. And we hope you have fun watching the video above.