Emmys 2012: Julie Bowen talks broken Emmy and nipple covers

It’s a good thing that Julie Bowen won another Emmy tonight, because her son broke her last one.

No, really.

Asked where the “Modern Family” star would put her new Emmy in her house, she explained that it would go on a very tall shelf.

“High out of the reach of my son, Oliver, who broke the last one,” she admitted.


Predictably, reporters backstage in the press room were eager to ask the actress about how her costar and fellow best comedy actress nominee Sofia Vergara would respond to Bowen’s win on set.

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“I’ve been in her home, and she lives inside an Emmy -- it’s a golden place of beauty,” Bowen kidded. “Rewards come in all different ways.”

Bowen spent much of her time backstage extolling the virtues of Vergara, saying her costar inspired her to wear a form-fitting neon green fishtail dress. Plus, Bowen added: "[Sofia] doesn’t get the credit she deserves as an actress -- she gets it as a celebrity ... but only a few of us understand that what she does is not play herself.”

As for those infamous nipple covers Bowen mentioned so many times during her speech, Bowen said she wanted to reference “those little bits of rubber” to get rid of some of “the artifice” of Hollywood.

“We don’t pretend to be important in the way international events are,” she said. “But I love that Ann Romney and Michelle Obama said ‘Modern Family’ was their favorite show. That means our show is a place where people can sit on the couch and laughing is the only thing that matters.”


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