Murdoch divorce nears finish line. MTV tones down 'Scrubbing In.'

After the coffee. Before deciding whether to give 'Nashville' another chance.

The Skinny: It feels like Thursday but it's only Wednesday. Normally this would bug me, but I have so much work I'm trying to get done before next week that I'm actually kind of glad this week is dragging. Wednesday's roundup includes the end of Rupert Murdoch's marriage, a look at CNN chief Jeff Zucker's track record and MTV tones down a reality show about nurses.

Daily Dose: The heavy spending Netflix has committed for original and acquired content has made some watchers of the company nervous. But Tony Wibble of Janney Capital says the spending sprees will help in the long run. In a new report, he says, "Our view is that an aggressive spend may force other players to reconsider their commitment to this space or modify their business models." If that happens, Wibble says, it also would swing negotiating leverage with program suppliers more in Netflix's favor.

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Happily ever after. This morning, Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendy Deng Murdoch are expected to be in a New York City courthouse finalizing their divorce. While normally the private lives of moguls isn't Morning Fix material, who can resist reading about the Murdochs? However much Wendi gets -- some nice homes, lots of money and who knows, a production deal at one of Murdoch's studios (kidding, sort of) -- the divorce shouldn't have any effect on his media empire. The latest on this soap opera from the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

Report card. Jeff Zucker is approaching his one-year anniversary as head of CNN. Some of his moves to expand CNN beyond news and talk have paid off, but the network is still struggling in many areas, particularly mornings and prime time and is coming off a particularly rough stretch of low ratings. The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at what's working and what isn't for Zucker.

Scrubbed out. MTV is backing away from its latest reality show "Scrubbing In" about nurses, which on paper sounded more like a soap opera then a serious look at the hard work nurses do. According to Variety, MTV has gone back and re-edited the series and is also shifting it out of prime time after just a few weeks on the air after it got complaints from the American Nurses Assn. I'm going to show my age, but the backlash reminds me of the heat NBC got for its 1989 drama series "Nightingales" that was famously pitched by producer Aaron Spelling as a show about young nurses who live in Dallas and the air conditioner doesn't work. 

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Maybe they can try out Billy or Daniel or Stephen. Are MSNBC executives secretly glad they don't have to deal with Alec Baldwin for a little while? The New York Post says the news channel, which suspended Baldwin from his talk show there after he had an outburst with a photographer, doesn't want him back because he's too much of a diva. MSNBC denied this and one must remember the Post, which loves to needle Baldwin, is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns rival Fox News. Still, one has to wonder whether Baldwin is worth the headaches he creates. 

Inside the Los Angeles Times: ABC has moved "Revenge" and unveiled a new midseason lineup. Diane Disney Miller, the last surviving child of Walt Disney and a champion of Disney Hall, died.

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[For the record: A previous version of this column incorrectly said that ABC had cancelled "Revenge."]


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