‘House of Cards’: Join a live chat with Corey Stoll on Wednesday


Join actor Corey Stoll and Times staff writer Glenn Whipp at 2 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday for a live video chat about Stoll’s turn as doomed (but charming!) Congressman/would-be Gov. Peter Russo in Netflix’s first-year drama “House of Cards.”

After making like Hemingway in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” Stoll would seem to know a thing or two about playing sobriety-challenged characters. On “House of Cards,” Stoll gave his South Philly congressman a fighting spirit, but the one opponent Russo has trouble beating was himself. We’ll talk to Stoll about Russo’s demons and ponder just how Kevin Spacey’s string-pulling congressman knew precisely what would happen on Russo’s gubernatorial campaign trail.

It’s likely to be a pretty spoiler-rific chat, so if you haven’t finished “House of Cards” yet (what’s taking you so long?), you’d best do your homework before listening in.


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