Tony Hale talks ‘Veep,’ ‘Arrested Development’ and Emmy-induced naps

Tony Hale dropped by the office to talk about the very good year he has enjoyed, what with the return of “Arrested Development,” the continued excellence of “Veep” and, yes, his first Emmy nomination. (The nod came for his turn on “Veep,” on which he plays Gary, the extremely loyal personal assistant to Vice President Selina Meyer, though he could just as easily have been nominated for bringing hapless man-child “Buster” Bluth back to life.)

The personable Hale can talk about the Emmy nomination now, but, as he reveals in this video chat, he couldn’t do so on the morning the honors were announced. (Summation of said morning: six hours of staring at his wife, screaming himself hoarse and then a nap. A very nice nap.)

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Hale tells us about his experience watching the intricately designed “Arrested Development” reboot (a “comic matrix,” he calls it), the connections between Buster and Gary, and the ways Tim Conway and Bob Newhart influenced his comedic work. Have a listen, won’t you?



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