Did You Hear ...? Ron Howard rescues Han Solo, the Slants declare victory and more from the week in entertainment

Did You Hear ...? Ron Howard rescues Han Solo, the Slants declare victory and more from the week in entertainment
Ron Howard has agreed to take over as director of the upcoming Han Solo movie. (Rex Buckner / TNS)

A big movie had a big crisis, a tenacious band had a big win, a late-night host asked for trouble, a reality show got rolling again and a Hollywood institution made plans to expand. Here's all that news and more from this week in entertainment.

Han Solo movie has a slight director malfunction

Four and a half months into filming, the unnamed Han Solo movie on Tuesday lost its directors, "The Lego Movie" helmers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, over "creative differences." What?!?! Two days later, a "beyond grateful" Ron Howard confirmed he had agreed to take over with only three weeks to go in principal photography. Whether the shakeup was a rebel victory or a win for an evil empire remains to be seen.


The Slants have a right to call themselves whatever

The Slants are Ken Shima, left, Simon "Young" Tam, Yuya Matsdua and Joe X. Jiang.
The Slants are Ken Shima, left, Simon "Young" Tam, Yuya Matsdua and Joe X. Jiang. (Sarah Giffrow / The Slants / AFP Photo)

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Slants are no longer "The Band That Must Not Be Named." On Tuesday, the justices announced their unanimous opinion that the Asian American band could trademark its traditionally offensive name. The nearly eight-year journey was "excruciating," the band said. Did we mention they were celebrating? "It's been about the rights of all marginalized communities," frontman Simon Tam said.

John Oliver gets a lump of coal in his legal stocking

On Sunday's "Last Week Tonight" segment on coal, John Oliver very publicly ignored a preemptive cease-and-desist letter and tore into the CEO of Murray Energy Corp. Noting that Murray Energy had promised to sue him, he said he had to proceed with caution. "I'm not going to say, for instance, that Bob Murray looks like a geriatric Dr. Evil, even though he does." On Wednesday, Murray sued HBO and Oliver for defamation. Told ya so.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ declares no harm, no foul

After its internal investigation of events that shut down "Bachelor in Paradise" found "no evidence to support any charge of misconduct by a cast member," Warner Bros. announced it would restart production on the love-in-the-tropics summer reality show. However, contestant Corinne Olympios' attorney said his team would keep investigating what happened to his client and promised "multiple new witnesses."

Guess who’s coming to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Get ready to see more stars, because the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Thursday announced its crop of Walk of Fame inductees for 2018. Some who you'll recognize? How about Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Lawrence, Gina Lollobrigida and Minnie Mouse. The class includes a total of 10 people in the film category, 12 in TV, eight in music, three in live theater and one in radio.

Domestic Goods — and Bads: Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed twins. … Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have hired a surrogate to have baby No. 3. … Mary-Louise Parker's nanny was arrested. … Gabourey Sidibe told off those who would obsess over her weight. … Prince Harry says nobody in his family wants to wear the crown.

Trumped: Johnny Depp joked about assassinating the president, then said his "bad joke" simply came out wrong. … Stephen Colbert turned up the heat on Sean Spicer, then headed to Russia on a mystery assignment.

RIP: Emmy-winning TV journalist Gabe Pressman died at 93.

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Bonus Links: Prince's band the Revolution is back, and it's worried. … "The Big Sick" costars Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon share their reasons for staying married. … Ewan McGregor of "Fargo" explains his split personality.

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