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Beyonce looks at an apartment by herself? That has to mean something

Beyonce performs in Winnipeg, Canada, on Sunday as part of her On the Run Tour with husband Jay Z.
(Robin Harper / Invision)

Beyonce has reportedly gone apartment shopping. 


Which is news because no married woman has ever surveyed a property without the guidance of her loving spouse, who in this case would be Jay Z.

The earth-shattering rumor about the singer’s visit to a $21.5-million, 4,054-square-foot Chelsea pad comes courtesy of a New York Daily News source.


And get this: The apartment is near the building Katie Holmes “fled to” during her split from Tom Cruise. Which has to mean something, right?

Meanwhile, over the weekend, another source was talking to Page Six, which is the publication that alleged only “divine intervention” would save the power couple’s marriage at this point, no matter how many happy-family photos Queen Bey posts on Instagram.

“When your man or your woman isn’t getting it done for you, and I’m talking emotionally, not necessarily sexually … they keep things quiet,” the source said.

The big split -- or the bloodless, business-like split, depending on who’s talking -- will supposedly go down after the couple’s On the Run Tour ends in mid-September.


The elevator fight between Solange Knowles and Jay Z keeps getting cited as the first public sign of cracks in the foundation of the marriage, and Page Six upped the stakes in that fight over the weekend, declaring that the run-in was actually about the “Empire State of Mind” artist allegedly planning to meet up later that evening with ... Rihanna.

Yes, Rihanna.

And really, why not? Girlfriend was flashing some serious skin that night at a Met Gala after-party. Not the party Mr. & Mrs. Carter were attending, but a party nonetheless.

Also telling: The building where Beyonce was reportedly spotted has a “distinctive midnight blue terracotta facade,” the Daily News said.

Seriously. That has to mean something. Right?

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