Casey Kasem’s whereabouts unclear; judge orders investigation

The whereabouts of radio personality Casey Kasem, shown in 2003, are unknown to his wife's attorney, it was revealed Monday in a Los Angeles court. Kasem, 82, suffers from advanced Parkinson's disease.
(Eric Jamison / Associated Press)

For years Casey Kasem famously told listeners to keep their “feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.” But concern arose Monday over where the radio personality’s own feet might be at present, after his wife’s lawyer told a court he has no clue as to the 82-year-old’s whereabouts.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy on Monday ordered a doctor to look into the ailing Kasem’s health and named Kerri Kasem as her father’s temporary conservator, according to the Associated Press.

Brother Mouner Kasem and the three adult children from Casey Kasem’s first marriage had staged a demonstration outside the radio host’s Holmby Hills house last October, claiming that second wife Jean Kasem was preventing them from seeing Casey, who suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease.


Kerri Kasem’s attorney, Troy Martin, told the court that his client believed her father had been taken to an Indian reservation in Washington state. But the attorney for the entertainer’s wife said Casey Kasem had been taken out of the country.

Beyond that, attorney Craig Marcus said, “I have no idea where he is.”

“Stunned protests” from Kerri and Julie Kasem and Martin followed that revelation, according to the AP.

Judge Murphy, who expressed concern about Marcus’ statement, also ordered that a court-appointed attorney find out the senior Kasem’s location as soon as possible.

Medical records and other information previously kept secret under court order will now be available to Kerri Kasem in her temporary conservator role.

“I believe my father’s wife fled the country (or possibly went to an Indian Reservation) with my Dad because she knew I would win in court today,” Kerri Kasem posted Monday on Facebook. “The judge ordered Adult Protective Services, the PVP [Probate Volunteer Panel] Attorney and the police to look for him.”

She added: “Please pray that he is safe.”

Jean Kasem had filed a written statement with the court last November lashing out at her husband’s three eldest children.


“These children falsely claim that their stepmother is wicked and is keeping her husband prisoner in his home behind closed doors and that they no longer have access to him through no fault of their own. …,” the statement said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “For reasons they know all too well, their presence at this stage would be toxic and extremely distressing for Casey, Jean and their daughter, Liberty, who have had enough of their cruelty.”

A previous visitation case brought by daughter Julie Kasem was dismissed in December after she said she, her brother Mike and Jean Kasem had reached an agreement — one that has allegedly since been been breached.

After the dismissal, Troy Martin noted that the agreement did not apply to Kerri, only Julie and Mike, setting the table for the case that was heard in court Monday.

“We think the visitation terms are too restrictive,” Martin told People in December. “There hasn’t been an agreement reached between Kerri and Jean. It could require us to file another conservatorship. We’re still in negotiations.”

At the time of the settlement, Mike Kasem told reporters that his dad was in a hospital, THR reported. A few weeks later, Mouner Kasem, who lives in Michigan, saw his brother for the first time in a year. Mike and Julie were not 100% pleased with their deal but decided to take what they could get so they could see their father, according to the trade publication.

Casey and Jean Kasem have been married since December 1980 and have one child together, Liberty Irene Kasem. The “American Top 40” host was previously married to Linda Meyers, the mother of Kerri, Julie and Mike Kasem. The latter is reportedly a successful DJ in Singapore.