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Starbucks employee mistakes Helen Hunt for Jodie Foster; hilarity ensues

Helen Hunt
Helen Hunt arrives at the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013, in Santa Monica. At the time of publication, Helen Hunt is not, in fact, Jodie Foster.
(Patrick T. Fallon / For the Los Angeles Times)

It’s a timeless story. The day is long. You stop by your nearest purveyor of caffeine and caffeine-related goods and place an order for a beverage to get you through the afternoon. The barista, in a rush, misspells your name on your cup.

Also, they mistake you for two-time Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster (“The Accused,” “Silence of the Lambs”).

Also, you’re Academy Award-winner Helen Hunt (“As Good as It Gets”).

Stars — they’re just like us!


In what is becoming the modern equivalent of flash fiction, Hunt, 52, summarized the exchange in a single, pithy tweet. 

Perhaps the barista was a big fan of “Money Monster” and was so taken with the idea of serving Foster, 53, after her recent directorial return that she was blinded to the fact that it was not, in fact, the former child star standing before her, but was instead four-time Emmy Award-winner Hunt (“Mad About You”).

They do have very similar hair. 


Starbucks, to its credit, did come through with a very solid pun to wrap up the entire ordeal. 

Or maybe it’s all an elaborate ruse and Helen Hunt is the new front of a stealth Starbucks advertising scheme targeting fans of late ‘90s NBC sitcoms. 

Even so, it would be the best sponsored content since Scott Disick’s copy/paste fiasco of last week. 

Celebrities: entertaining us on social media since 2009. 


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