Nick Jonas’ hot-body pictures eclipse anything else he’s actually doing

Nick Jonas is doing all sorts of things with his career, but all that has been totally eclipsed by the racy photos he took for Flaunt magazine.

For the uninitiated, he’s the youngest of the now-disbanded Jonas Brothers, not the one who’s married with a kid -- that’s Kevin Jonas -- or the one who denied that alleged sex tape -- that’s Joe Jonas.

The former boy bander posed in a slew of body-flaunting setups for the mag, but the shots that have tongues a-waggin’ and fans a-droolin’ see the 22-year-old singer dropping trou while wearing white boxer briefs and graphically grabbing a handful of his manhood.

Oh, there are words accompanying the series of photographs in some semblance of a story -- something about him wanting people to have sex while listening to his music -- but, like, who cares, right? Nick Jonas is grabbing himself and showing off his butt crack and little else seems to matter!


Photographer Yu Tsai snapped the pics for the mag, and the Tsai-Jonas portfolio also features brooding images of of the “Jealous” singer showcasing his abs and toned physique, the type of shots that generally coincide with a one-time child star gunning to be seen as an adult.

This all seems to be happening because his first solo album drops in November. He’s also promoting his upcoming street MMA TV series “Kingdom” -- and that explains when and why he got so ripped.

Calvin Klein and numerous others have likened the spread to actor Mark Wahlberg in his Marky Mark heyday posing in his Calvins. But, you know, much more titillating.

But Jonas is just glad that the images are “building the hype” for his Direct TV series, he told E! News at “Kingdom’s” premiere in Venice on Thursday.


“We worked hard on the physicality and taking on the physique of these fighters,” the actor-singer said. “So it was nice to do that shoot and show that.”

That and a whole lot of something else.

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