‘Hunger Games’ trailer stuffed with surprising scenes from book’s finale

Here is “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" trailer that debuted at Comic-Con. Warning, it is loaded with spoilers from the final book of the franchise. And a whole lot of insane details that we honestly didn’t think this movie could pull off. Color us delighted.

Lionsgate has officially released the new trailer for “Mockingjay Part 2,” the final movie in a long franchise of films that pit child against child, victor against victor and now revolutionaries against a cruel totalitarian government. This movie marks the bloody end of the long war between the world of Panem (and the 13 Districts) and the Capitol.

Based on the books by Suzanne Collins, this concluding sneak peek has a whole lot of spoilers in it, which we’re going to discuss right now. So be warned.

First up, it looks like the maze of booby traps that President Snow (Donald Sutherland) lays out for the attacking revolutionaries of District 13 (now joined by the rest of the districts) are all intact, which include sudden springing avalanches of black ooze or dirt and mutants. Yes the Capitol lizard mutants, or “muttations” as they are described in the book, are real and they are in this trailer.

The muttations are some sort of lizard creation with talons, razor-sharp teeth, tails and the ability to rip off a human’s head with their jaws. They are a big obstacle to overcome at the battle of the Capitol for Katniss and her little army crew. The creation of these monsters was so utterly fantastic it’s pretty wild to see them embedded in the big finale. That’s dedication to the source material.


The trailer also offers up a glimpse of the new character Tigris, the Capitol resident who has spent her money altering her body to look more like a tiger.

And of course, there’s the parachutes that appear toward the end of this footage. Readers all know what this scene entails. Looks like the fourth installment in the “Hunger Games” movie franchise is going to be fairly dedicated to the original material. And it’s going to be brutal.

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2" hits theaters on Nov. 20.


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