Listen to ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’s’ new villain Kylo Ren speak


The news is pouring out of mega-merchandising event Force Friday.

The whole day is a madcap celebration of spending your hard-earned money on the latest and greatest “Star Wars” toys, T-shirts and even droid-covered backpacks.

And with new toys come new spoilers for the hush-hush J.J. Abrams movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” New movie villain Kylo Ren has been given a very robotic voice. Take a listen.

Ren, who is played by actor Adam Driver now has a voice to match his nefarious dark robes and equally intimidating mask. Thanks to this IGN video, which recorded the “Girls” actor in toy form spouting out a whole host of new “Star Wars” lines, we now know what the new baddie will sound like in a galaxy far, far away.


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That’s a mighty robotic sound you have there, Driver. Could this be due to the mask, or perhaps is that really what this character sounds like?

And pay attention to the actual words the toy says. Ren sounds surprised that whomever he is looking for is “just a scavenger.” Note, it’s already been revealed that actress Daisy Ridley is a scavenger, so why is Ren looking for her? Could it be that she is the “last Jedi” (another quote from the toy) he is hoping to find and destroy? Or maybe he wants her on his side? At this point, your guess is as good as ours because director Abrams has been keeping most of the “Star Wars” plot details on lockdown.

Also revealed via talking toy, British actor John Boyega, the alleged potential hero, will be donning an American accent for his role of Finn. Which you can hear over at IGN. An odd choice since one of the greatest Jedis of all time, Obi-Wan Kenobi (played by Alec Guinness and later by Ewan McGregor), had an English accent.

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