Exclusive cover reveal: ‘Steven Universe’ graphic novel continues to dream big


Good news for all the people who believe in Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven to save the day.

A new “Steven Universe” original graphic novel is on the way, and Hero Complex readers are getting the exclusive first look at the cover art by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell.

For the uninitiated, “Steven Universe” is a Cartoon Network series created by Rebecca Sugar that follows the adventures of Steven, a half-human boy being raised and trained by the Crystal Gems as they protect the Earth.


Based on a story by “Steven Universe” supervising director Ian Jones-Quartey, “Steven Universe: Too Cool for School” will give readers a closer look at the friendship between Steven and Connie and what happens when Steven tags along with Connie to school one day. (Hint: There is a reason Steven doesn’t regularly attend school with humans.)

The original graphic novel, written by Jeremy Sorese and illustrated by Coleman Engle, will be published by KaBoom, the all-ages imprint of Boom Studios. Sorese and Engle, of course, are the team that has worked on the “Steven Universe” comic book series, also from KaBoom.

“ ‘Steven Universe’ is not only a beautifully crafted show, it’s an all-ages show that isn’t afraid to deeply explore ‘sensitive’ topics in a way that is optimistic, kind and pulls no punches,” Shannon Watters, the editor of the graphic novel, said regarding the appeal of the series. “It’s one of my favorite shows on the air right now, period. It touches me deeply.”

Watters also explained that the team worked closely with Sugar and Jones-Quartey on the plot of the graphic novel “so that it aligns properly with the show but [‘Steven Universe: Too Cool for School’] also is a great starting point for folks new to ‘Steven Universe.’ ”

“Steven’s always been taught by the Gems, but in this original graphic novel, he goes to school for the first time and there’s dodgeball, teachers and food fights to worry about,” Watters said. “You can also look forward to the kindness and heart at the core of every iteration of ‘Steven Universe.’ ”

Due to be released in December, “Steven Universe: Too Cool for School” will be the first original graphic novel based on the animated series, kicking off Boom Studios’ plan to publish one “Steven Universe” graphic novel per year.


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