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Sunday Calendar Letters: ‘Ramy’s’ hookup culture too seductive

Ramy Youssef
Ramy Youssef’s Hulu series talks about sex, a rare topic in Muslim culture.
(Chris Pizzello / invision / AP)

Re: “‘Ramy’ Steps in the Muslim Dating Pool” [April 21]: As Lorraine Ali’s article about the Muslim-oriented TV show from comedian Ramy Youssef indicated, those who fear U.S. culture being overtaken or “diluted” by Islam have nothing to worry about. Because self-indulgence, casual sex and instant gratification are so irresistible, everyone who comes here eventually gets assimilated. We always win.

David Macaray

Rowland Heights

Why pit pop act against rock?


Did I feel bad for giggling my way through boomer-baiting pop scribe Mikael Wood’s heartbroken account of Ariana Grande’s lackluster set at Coachella [“It Was a Grande Letdown,” April 16], a performance that was not even redeemable by an off-key cameo by the incredible Diddy? No, I did not, because even in a story ostensibly focused on an utterly disposable pop moppet, he still managed to slam prehistoric, useless guitar bands, in both his opening and close. Kind of reminiscent of the current state of political discourse in this country: “Ariana is Grande off-key? Well, what about Weezer?”

R. C. Price

San Clemente

Paying homage to a true queen


Re: [“A Crowning Moment for Queen Bey,” April 18]. Gerrick Kennedy’s assessment of the Netflix documentary “Homecoming” showed a brilliant understanding of Beyonce’s efforts. Having had the opportunity to not only attend and graduate from a historically black college and experienced preparations of the activities for our homecomings each year, participating in the development of dance routines all brought back memories of those bygone days as shown in her film.

Queen Bey also opened the door on all the issues that affected her as a mother of newborns who has to leave them to go out into the world of work. These are universal emotions felt by women all over our country regardless of their financial situation. Queen Bey shows us that even a queen has to work hard to be successful.

Jean Solomon

Los Angeles

No tears for a ‘broke’ actress

I practically choked on my coffee when I read Kate del Castillo’s “I am broke” statement [“‘La Reina’ Returns to Power” April 21]. I have no sympathy for this actress who sips wine in her big house overlooking the Hollywood Hills. She should stop blaming Sean Penn and the Mexican government.

Yvonne Guerra



Keep politics out of film reviews

Re: Katie Walsh’s review of the movie “Little Woods” [“Family Portrait of Hardscrabble Lives” [April 19] in which she writes “DaCosta crafts a fiercely feminist and sensitive family portrait that fearlessly takes on the capitalist rot at the core of the American healthcare system.”

Walsh’s crazed political opinions belong — as always — on the editorial page, not in a movie review.

Craig Lesly


Lights not bright just on Broadway

“All My Sons” is currently playing on Broadway and was reviewed by the Times’ Charles McNulty [“Reckoning With a Shady Past,” April 23]. Another version of “All My Sons” is currently playing at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood and was not reviewed by The Times. The question is obvious: Why do you review Broadway productions that few Angelenos will see and refuse to review a local production that potentially large numbers of Angelenos would see if given adequate attention? And who are you serving, elite Angelenos who can fly to New York City to see a Broadway production or the rest of us who must be content with local (oftentimes excellent) productions?

Bob Lentz



Pointing fingers in West photo

Great article about Kanye West’s Easter Sunday “service” at Coachella [“The Yeaster Parade,” April 22]. But did you have to use the photo with the angry guy in the foreground, clearly flipping somebody off?

David Brant

Lake Arrowhead

Editor’s note: The man in the photo is not flipping anyone off; he is pointing with his index finger.

Grateful for the promoter tribute

Thank you so very much for the amazing tribute Randy Lewis paid to my father [“Jim Rissmiller, 1942-2019: Premier Concert Promoter in L.A.,” April 4]. Words cannot express how much this means to myself and my family.

Trisha Rissmiller


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