Elsie Fisher of ‘Eighth Grade’ on scoring her first Golden Globe nomination and her social media reaction

Elsie Fisher, a Golden globe nominee for best actress, comedy, for the film "Eighth Grade."
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

“Eighth Grade” breakout Elsie Fisher scored her first-ever Golden Globes nomination Thursday for actress in a comedy or musical.

You shared your first reaction on Twitter?

Um, yeah, this is incredible and insane. I felt like I owed it to Twitter to give them my first reaction. My Twitter squad has been there when I make my crappy jokes.


Is that where you found out about your nomination?

No, I woke up at 5:38 right before it got announced. I didn’t have an alarm set or anything. I went onto the live stream and I started watching it and my dad shouted from the other room as soon as it got announced. He just shouted, ‘Yeah!’ in a really loud voice that almost woke me more than anything had at that point. He was very excited.

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You’re in 10th grade now. Do you have school today?

I’m doing kind of a homeschool thing. There’s a campus for the program I’m attending, but it’s pretty nice. I do appreciate a lot of aspects of public school, but I would have already missed a bunch of school — like a month or so. I am, in fact, actually going to school today. I have to take tests and do some work. A math test and P.E.

Ugh, P.E. is brutal.

It’s actually really interesting, because I’m doing online school P.E., so I have to take a written standardized test.

You don’t have to run around a track or anything?

I still have to do workouts every week, but I get to do what I want.

You’ve really been slaying the fashion game lately. Are suits your new trademark?

I think I might wear a suit to the Golden Globes. I think dresses are great, and I wouldn’t say I’m making a statement by wearing a suit, but there’s so much variety in fashion, especially for women. And a lot of women in entertainment are — not forced — but often given dresses to wear.


The Globes can be pretty boozy, and you’re 15. What do you think the show will be like?

I feel like such a fraud, but I’ve never really watched the award shows. I feel like being a 15-year-old at the Globes won’t be too much of a problem. I’ve been at events where people are drinking alcohol, and no one’s peer pressured me, like, “Come on, get some of this wine!”

Is there anyone you’re looking forward to stalking there?

Emily Blunt is amazing. I love her. I think she’s incredible. I haven’t seen “Mary Poppins,” but this year I did see “A Quiet Place” and she was really, really great in that. I also want to stalk any of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” cast. I love that movie with a dying passion. I’m a huge Queen fan, and seeing the movie was so good and overwhelming.

What’s your favorite Queen song?

I’ve really been feeling “Killer Queen” lately. I just got my first record player, and I got “A Night at the Opera” as my first record. I even have a subwoofer.

Your dad used to get you a video game every time you got a new role. Do you think you’ll get one for getting a Golden Globe nomination?

Maybe! Maybe I just skip school today and go to Game Stop.

Could he be convinced?

I have a debit card now. I don’t need to do any convincing.