Fast Track: Is Charlie Sheen winning chances at more TV shows?

Did you enjoy “Sheen’s Korner” on UStream on Saturday? There may be a lot more coming on HDNet very soon. (Hollywood Reporter)

And maybe AMC? The creator of “The Walking Dead” really wants Sheen on his series. (Hollywood Reporter)

“Rango” lassos the highest weekend gross so far this year. (Los Angeles Times)

At age 76, most people are slowing down, but Japanese porn star Shigeo Tokuda is getting busy. (Los Angeles Times)


Phil Collins has decided to quit the music scene altogether. (People)

Luckily, there are gorillas in the world that could replace him. (YouTube)

Christina Aguilera just can’t catch a break: first “Burlesque,” then she forgot the words to the national anthem, now Sony Music is getting sued over her song “Ain’t No Other Man.” (TMZ)

Is Disney animation legend Glen Keane being wooed by DreamWorks Animation? (Blue Sky Disney)

Werner Herzog has joined the long, long list of those who have done offbeat celebrity cameos on “The Simpsons.” (New York Times)

ABC Family is adding another night of programming. (New York Times)

The Angry Birds franchise is coming to Facebook. (Joystiq)

America’s scientists could be working on a manned trip to Mars or the cure for cancer ... but some of them are stuck re-creating the floating house from “Up.” (SlashFilm)


-- Patrick Kevin Day

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