Pink's acrobatic live act steals American Music Awards show

When Heidi Klum introduced Pink at the American Music Awards Sunday night she described her as "a rock star, a poet, a fashionista and a new mom." Considering the show-stealing performance that Pink unleashed seconds later, Klum might well have added: "and a dancer, a contortionist and a future member of Cirque du Soleil."

Pink's live rendition of her new single, "Try," was an elaborately choreographed pas de deux with a six-pack-ab'd male partner that suggested the countervailing forces of erotic attraction and repulsion. Barefoot and dressed in matching his and hers sackcloth-and-ashes attire, Pink and her hunky partner acted out an athletic, mock-violent dance that gave visual expression to the song's pent-up fiery emotions. The stops-out display received a standing ovation.


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