Jonas Brothers cross over to Latin pop with Daddy Yankee collaboration

Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers — featuring Nick, left, Kevin and Joe — venture into the world of Latin pop on “Runaway.”
(Scott Roth / Invision/Associated Press)

Los Hermanos Jonas?


After staging an unlikely comeback with a new No. 1 album, the Jonas Brothers just dropped a bilingual summer anthem: “Runaway,” a collaboration with Puerto Rican reggaetón superstar Daddy Yankee, Dominican singer Natti Natasha and Colombian artist Sebastián Yatra.

And yes, the three brothers sing in Spanish.


They join Drake, Madonna, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber in the growing trend of English-language pop stars dabbling in Latin pop music.

“Runaway,” accompanied by a colorful music video, was released unexpectedly Thursday afternoon. Entertainment Weekly debuted the track, which will be on YouTube at 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

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The track opens with Nick and Joe Jonas singing a verse in English before Natasha comes in with a verse in Spanish. After that point the remainder of the song is in Spanish, except for the infectious hook “Runna-runna-runna-runna-runna-runaway” in the chorus.

The video also shows the JoBros singing along seamlessly in the Spanish-language section of the chorus, before Daddy Yankee takes center stage with his extended feature and Yatra plugs in a bridge.

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