How similar are Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ and Sara Bareilles’ ‘Brave’?

Katy Perry, shown during a visit to a New York radio station, has a hit with her song "Roar," but fans have noticed similarities between her new single and Sara Bareilles' song "Brave."
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How similar is Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” to Sara Bareilles’ “Brave,” a track from her latest album “The Blessed Unrest?”

One remarkable aspect of the digital age is the ways that technology can take multiple tacks to reduce the guesswork. In the comparatively old-school fashion, fans can compare the tracks sequentially on iTunes, Rhapsody or YouTube.

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Here’s Bareilles’ song, which has logged almost 4 million views on YouTube since it came out in April.

It also merited a tweet from Perry at the time, who included a link to the video with her message that read “I heart you @sarabareilles.”


And here’s Perry’s video, which uses the same key, tempo and loping beat as Bareilles’ song and has notched 3 1/2 million views since surfacing Saturday.

Or they can do what one bright fan who goes by the name of portkey did on Tumblr and digitally marry the tracks to gauge just how closely they sync up.

The website Mashable has posted the blended track here.

For her part, as soon as listeners started speculating about the parallels between the songs, Bareilles tweeted her reaction: “All love, everybody. All love,” followed by a string of heart emoticons.

So what do you think, Pop & Hiss readers? Coincidence, or something more?


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