Amy Poehler’s ‘Wine Country’ for Netflix looks like the best girls weekend ever


Is it the female “Sideways”? A boozier “Bridesmaids”? “Girls Trip” with a shuttle bus? Mark Amy Poehler’s “Wine Country” as all of the above, because the new trailer for the Netflix movie looks like every girls’ wine weekend in history, only funnier.

“Just remember, guys: Whatever gets said, it’s probably what the person has always felt, and the alcohol just let it out,” says Tina Fey’s Tammy, clearly speaking the wine-weekend truth.

“Wine Country” also stars Poehler and her “Saturday Night Live” pals Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey and Maya Rudolph as friends of 20-plus years who get together to mark Rebecca’s (Dratch) 50th birthday.


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“I made itineraries of everything we’re going to do, minute by minute, on the trip,” Abby (Poehler) says early on, handing out what appear to be jam-packed, full-color folders custom-made for the weekend.

But as the wine flows, real-world issues intrude on what started out as a trip to relax and reconnect, and those plans are doomed to go out the window. Literally.

You can see the trailer here — just watch out for the F-bombs.

“Wine Country” starts streaming on Netflix on May 10.

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