Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul re-team for pre-Emmy video

When “Breaking Bad” ended last year, we all suspected we’d see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul re-teamed on screen in some way. But no one could have predicted it would be this soon.

Cranston and Paul are back in this video promoting next Monday’s Emmy awards, sponsored by Audi of America. And they’re teaming with fellow Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

No, this isn’t an epilogue to “Breaking Bad.” Much as we want to see that, well, spoilers. Cranston and Paul are playing all-new disreputable characters in this short. They’re the operators of Barely Legal Pawn, a pawn shop that deals in shady goods that also happens to be the subject of a reality series.

Enter “Veep’s” Louis-Dreyfus with her supporting actress in a comedy series Emmy for that iconic ‘90s series, “Seinfeld.”

We wouldn’t dream of spoiling all the in-jokes here, but be sure to stick around to the very end. It’s guaranteed to make faithful “Breaking Bad” viewers very happy.


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