Charlie Sheen rips Chuck Lorre, calls ‘Men’ finale ‘stupid,’ ‘immature’

Charlie Sheen, seen here in "Anger Management" on FX, has attacked his former boss again.
Charlie Sheen, seen here in “Anger Management” on FX, has attacked his former boss again.
(Byron J. Cohen / FX)

Charlie Sheen did not appear in the recent finale of “Two and a Half Men,” but he’s turned up to offer his opinion on it.

And - are you surprised? - he didn’t like it. Especially when his former boss, writer-producer Chuck Lorre, offered a “vanity card” at the end that revealed Sheen had turned down a role in the one-hour series finale, where his former character, playboy Charlie Harper, got crushed by a falling piano.

“To go that low and be that immature, and be that completely unevolved and that stupid, in my face?,” Sheen sputtered to a camera crew from the celebrity site TMZ. “Really?”

“You must feel safe,” Sheen said, addressing Lorre with an expletive. “You must feel safe where you live.”


Sheen has for years been engaged in an on-again, off-again war of words against Lorre. The actor was fired from “Men” in 2011 after publicly criticizing his bosses. He has called Lorre a “clown” and far worse.

Sheen had stayed relatively quiet about the show in recent months, but the finale seems to have roused his ire once more.

Although he insisted to TMZ, “I don’t care anymore.”

Then he launched into his latest rant.

A spokeswoman for Warner Bros., the studio behind “Men,” said the company had no comment.

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