Jimmy Fallon learns how he missed out on a date with Nicole Kidman


On Tuesday night’s “Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon discovered 10 years too late that he once had a shot at dating Nicole Kidman. The interview never recovered.

But though Kidman and Fallon were both squirming in their seats (actually, Fallon couldn’t even stay seated) it made for great TV.

Ten years ago, Fallon got a call out of the blue from a friend named Rick. Rick was with Kidman at the moment and he told Fallon that the actress was interested in discussing a role in her upcoming movie “Bewitched” with him.


Unsure how to handle it, Fallon had Kidman and Rick over to his apartment in New York City, where he had bought some brie cheese, corn chips and had a refrigerator of old Chinese food.

According to Kidman, he also wore a baseball cap and sweat pants and barely said a word to her.

But Fallon apparently had no clue that Kidman was in fact interested in Fallon for more than a mere role in a movie. She thought he was cute and was seeing if there was any chemistry between them.

On that score, Fallon dropped the ball big time.

“After about an hour and a half, I thought ‘He has no interest in me,’” Kidman said.

“I left and went ‘OK, no chemistry,’ ” she said. “And then I was like ‘maybe he’s gay.’ ”

Fallon has since married producer Nancy Juvonen and Kidman married country singer Keith Urban. And they both have kids. So no chance at all of these two ever rekindling anything from their previous lives.


But that didn’t make the rest of the interview any less awkward, even as Fallon attempted halfheartedly to discuss Kidman’s new movie, “Paddington.”

Kidman even revealed that she would watch “The Tonight Show” at home and wonder to herself if she would ever bring that story up.

Now she has her answer.

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