Saturday TV Highlights and Weekend Talk: ‘A Warden’s Ransom’

Diane Neal in “A Warden’s Ransom” on Lifetime.
A wealthy killer tries to buy his escape from a maximum security prison in the new TV movie “A Warden’s Ransom” on Lifetime. Diane Neal stars.
(Allen Fraser / Lifetime)

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This week’s TV Movies




Doctor Who The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) races to save Clara (Jenna Coleman) from a deadly creature that is stalking passengers on the Orient Express in this new episode of the time-traveling science fiction series. 9 p.m. BBC America

Intruders In the season finale, Jack (John Simm) finally learns the depth and scope of the sinister organization to which he has lost Amy (Mira Sorvino) and Marcus and Madison (Alex Diakun, Millie Bobby Brown) engage in a fatal struggle. 10 p.m. BBC America


The Graham Norton Show Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Luke Evans are guests and Lenny Kravitz performs in this new episode. 11 p.m. BBC America

Saturday Night Live Former cast member Bill Hader returns to host and Hozier performs. 11:29 p.m. NBC


Rush This 2013 drama tells the true story of the 1970s rivalry between Formula 1 drivers James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl). Olivia Wilde also stars. 8 and 11 p.m. HBO

A Warden’s Ransom Samantha Brandt (Diane Neal), the warden of a maximum security men’s prison, faces an unprecedented challenge when an imprisoned wealthy serial killer (Devon Sawa) offers $50 million to anyone who can break him out. Jodelle Ferland also stars. 8 p.m. Lifetime

Recipe for Love An aspiring culinary school student (Danielle Panabaker) clashes savagely with a big-name celebrity chef (Shawn Roberts) whose cookbook she is ghost-writing in this new romantic-culinary TV movie. 9 p.m. Hallmark




Good Morning America (N) 7 a.m. KABC

McLaughlin Group (N) 6:30 p.m. KCET


Today Mia Wasikowska. (N) 6 a.m. KNBC

Good Morning America (N) 6 a.m. KABC

State of the Union With Candy Crowley Midterm elections: Reince Priebus; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (N) 6 and 9 a.m. CNN

CBS News Sunday Morning Michael Keaton; Sam Smith; Walter Isaacson. (N) 6:30 a.m. KCBS

Fareed Zakaria GPS Kurdistan and ISIS: Former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq: Barham Salih. Foreign policy; ISIS; Ebola: Francis Fukuyama; Walter Russell Mead; Danielle Pletka; Gideon Rose. Author Steven Johnson (“How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World”).(N) 7 and 10 a.m. CNN


Face the Nation Author former CIA Director Leon Panetta (“Worthy Fights”). Ebola outbreak: Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas); Tom Frieden, Centers For Disease Control and Prevention; Jon Lapook. Peggy Noonan, the Wall Street Journal; David Ignatius; Susan Page; David Rohde. (N) 8 a.m. KCBS

Meet the Press (N) 8 a.m. KNBC; 11 a.m. MSNBC

This Week With George Stephanopoulos ISIL: Gen. Martin Dempsey, Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.). Ebola: Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Sec. of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro. Panel: Donna Brazile; Matthew Dowd; Bill Kristol. (N) 8 a.m. KABC

Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage: Former Solicitor General Ted Olson; Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council. Midterm elections: Karl Rove; Joe Trippi. Stewart McLaurin, White House Historical Association. Panel: Brit Hume; Amy Walter; Carly Fiorina; Bob Woodward. (N) 8 a.m. KTTV; 11 a.m., 3 p.m. FNC

Reliable Sources Where are the President’s supporters: Paul Begala; Dick Morris. Bill Maher and Ben Affleck’s disagreement over Islam: Author Sam Harris (“The End of Faith”); Irshad Manji. ISIS and journalists: Arwa Damon. Fears of Ebola; ISIS extremists: Gail Saltz. Jeremy Renner and director Michael Cuesta (“Kill the Messenger”).(N) 8 a.m. CNN

MediaBuzz ISIS, Leon Panetta’s new book; Ebola; the Supreme Court decisions on same sex marriage: Bob Cusack; Susan Ferrechio; Sharyl Attkisson; Amy Holmes; Bill Press; Bill O’Reilly. (N) 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. FNC

60 Minutes The capture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman; FBI Director James Comey; journalist James Risen. (N) 7 p.m. KCBS

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