On Twitter, the question becomes: Who will replace Stephen Colbert?

Stephen Colbert
Who will replace Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central? People are giving suggestions on Twitter.
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The question of who will replace David Letterman on CBS’ “Late Show” has been answered. The new host will be Stephen Colbert. Now the Internet’s favorite guessing game has become: Who will replace Stephen Colbert?

One of the most interesting aspects of the guessing game is the relatively low profile of the show. While it’s unrealistic for anyone to have expected CBS to select anyone other than a huge star to fill their prime late-night spot, the half-hour following “The Daily Show” on basic cable’s Comedy Central is a little more open to an offbeat choice.

One thing many on Twitter have advocated is having a female host. Many suggested Chelsea Handler or Tina Fey take over CBS’ late night, but the same opening is there for the soon-to-be-former “Colbert Report” slot.

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TV writer Emma Fraser asked Comedy Central to hire Amy Sedaris, who once starred in the channel’s series “Strangers With Candy” alongside Colbert himself.

Media pundit Dan Savage suggested current “Daily Show” correspondent Samantha Bee, writing, “I hope @ComedyCentral is planning to build a new 11:30 show around @iamsambee. Her @TheDailyShow character is perfect for the slot.”

Atlantic writer Conor Friedersdorf went more conceptual. Instead of suggesting who should replace Colbert, he wrote, “The boldest thing Comedy Central could do to replace Colbert: a show parodying MSNBC left just as Colbert parodied Fox News right.”

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins was not shy about throwing his own hat into the ring, writing, “Now pls tell @ComedyCentral to give me their 11:30 slot. They’ll never do it, but it’ll make me happy if their feed is flooded with my name.”


Current Comedy Central star Amy Schumer’s name has also been mentioned, but the comedian who current stars in “Inside Amy Schumer,” wrote, “Everyone’s asking when I’m replacing Colbert. And by ‘everyone’ I mean my mom. And by ‘Colbert’ I mean her vase I broke last time I was home.”


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