National Bacon Day: 16 ways to celebrate, including bacon martinis

Bacon martinis -- above -- seem like a good way to celebrate one of the most hallowed “holidays” on the food calendar: National Bacon Day.

Moment of silence, please.

In trying to trace the roots of National Bacon Day, or, as some refer to it, International Bacon Day, we soon found ourselves reading the Republic of Bacon blog. The blog says this holiday was started in 2000 by three bacon-loving students in Massachusetts. Sounds like a perfectly good reason to start a holiday, in our book. And we’re a teensy bit jealous we didn’t think of it ourselves.

PHOTOS: 16 recipes to celebrate National Bacon Day


To celebrate National Bacon Day, we’ve collected some of our favorite bacon-infused recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen, including favorites such as maple-bacon biscuits, bacon potato salad, and, of course, bacon martinis.

That is indeed a candied bacon swizzle stick, a sweet-and-salty stroke of creativity courtesy of L.A. Times Test Kitchen director and bacon lover Noelle Carter.

As you go through the gallery you will find recipe hyperlinks in the captions.

How are you planning on celebrating? Just remember: If you plan to celebrate National Bacon Day by driving around in a Ford Fiesta outfitted with strips of bacon, please either wait until you are safely parked for the night or get a designated driver before you start to hit the bacon martinis, OK?


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