Video chat: Grill Jonathan Gold on his 101 best restaurants list Monday

One of the best features of any list is the controversy that ensues. You may have already lost your cool after reading restaurant critic Jonathan Gold’s second annual list of the 101 best restaurants in and around Los Angeles. Or maybe you think he’s spot-on. Either way, you can offer questions and commentary at noon Monday during a video chat.

This is your chance to ask him about creating a list that encapsulates the breadth of dining in Greater Los Angeles (and a few spots in Orange County). The best restaurant in the area is still Providence, where dinner will cost you. But you will also find three taco trucks on the list.

And did you notice that this year, there’s no mention of Urasawa, which was No. 2 last year? Kogi jumped out of the top 10, but Roy Choi’s Pot made a strong debut. Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Tacos appeared. But was the rank too high or too low?

Have you noticed other restaurants that dropped out? Upset about not seeing some of your favorites repeat from the year before? (Sorry, Apple Pan fans.) And then there are the fresh faces even though we’ve seen these chefs for many years. (Yes, we’re talking about you, Republique.)


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And remember, this list is available only to members of the Los Angeles Times. The fully responsive design allows you to save restaurants to a wish list, create a brag list of those you’ve been to, find restaurants nearest you and comment on each entry.

The brag list may cause angst, but if it’s you with the most restaurants under your belt among your friends, well enjoy the moment and brag away.

Now, bring on your questions!