Coca-Cola’s Surge is back, already sold out on Amazon


Ready for a serious ‘90s flashback? Coca-Cola on Monday brought back Surge, its Mountain Dew-ish citrus-flavored soda, after a hiatus of about a dozen years. But it was only available on, where the drink has already sold out.

The Facebook group Surge Movement, which has lobbied for the drink’s return since 2011, made the comeback announcement. Sean Sheridan, a founding member of the movement, said they received an email in April from Sandy Douglas, President of Coca-Cola North America, letting them know Surge was coming back. The Surge Movement then suggested they work together on the comeback.

“The same delicious flavor and your favorite original artwork from the ‘90s has returned!” the group wrote on its Facebook page.


The drink was exclusively available on in 12 packs of 16-ounce cans Monday morning, and sold out in a couple of hours.

“From the beginning, we knew Amazon was going to be setting limits on how much people could buy on the first day to try to control the processing time between order placement and people receiving their Surge,” said Sheridan. “As it turns out, the demand was much higher than they anticipated.”

Coca-Cola said in a statement Monday that the drink might be sold through other retailers.

“Surge to me, it’s been a part of my life since it came out,” a Surge Movement founder says in a video about the return. “Everyone at the Surge Movement, when they have a Surge, it brings them back to that simpler time.”

Yes, a time when neon backwards hats, Pogs, Beanie Babies and crimped hair ruled. Don’t forget to feed your Tamagotchi!

Coca-Cola produced Surge from 1996 to 2001 with the slogan “Feed the rush.” The soda has 230 calories in one 16-ounce can and 56 grams of sugar.


“We appreciate the enthusiasm we’ve seen from tens of thousands of fans nationwide, and we’re bringing Surge back, in part, because of them,” said Wendy Clark, president, sparkling and strategic marketing, Coca-Cola North America, in a statement. “Future plans for the brand will depend on the level of excitement exhibited by fans across the country.”

The Surge Movement group’s 128,000 members are asking Surge fans to keep the conversation going to ensure the beverage never goes away again. They encourage fans to call local stores to request the product.

“Flood our page with images of your first fresh can in over 12 long years!” writes the group. “Tell the world that our glorious green goodness has been resurrected.”

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