Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pancake bacon -- it’s not the next cronut


Out of all the culinary mashups rearing their hybrid heads lately, this one may just be the oddest.

Forget the ramen burger, forget the cronut. Meet Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pancake bacon. It’s red, doughy, sweet, bacony, and a trifecta of snack-food wonder.

The man behind this masterful creation is Cheffy, with a show on the YouTube channel Tasted.


Cheffy, who wears a camera strapped to his head while he prepares food, looks as if he’s making the Cheeto pancake bacon in his home kitchen. The home-video feel is only helped by the almost-too-rotten-to-eat bananas sitting in a bowl nearby.

First, Cheffy fries some bacon. He then crushes some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in a bowl, first with a spoon, then with a potato masher. He then mixes the crushed Cheetos with some Bisquick, eggs and milk. He takes the bacon, dips it in the batter and then cooks it on a griddle.

And voila, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos pancake bacon.

He serves them with a side of syrup and what he calls “srirancha,” better known as ranch dressing with some sriracha mixed in.

Would you take a bite of these red misshapen pancake strips? Let us know in the comments below.


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