Food costumes are hot this Halloween: Sexy corn, anyone?

Food costumes are hot this Halloween.

And sexy too.

For years, it seemed, Halloween’s hottest costumes took their cues from the ghoulish. (Sexy has always been in vogue.) That took a sharp turn last year in part after online costumer introduced the sexy hamburger costume featuring a barely there strapless number that pinged about the Internet.

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Sarah Chamberlain, director of marketing for Yandy, said Halloween 2012 was barely in the history books when the company began aggressively expanding its line of food costumes for Halloween 2013, with a special emphasis on the va-va-va-voom.

Witness the sexy corn costume, the sexy pizza costume and the sexy watermelon costume — a plush pink minidress with a bite-shaped cutout — among others.

“It takes a special kind of girl who wants to stand out like this, and that’s the person we had in mind,” Chamberlain told The Times.

She said food costumes were taking off because, well, they’re new and different.

“You see sexy nurses, sexy vampires all the time,” she said. “But sexy pizza? There’s nothing more eye-catching than standing out.”

The costumes have been selling like hotcakes, and the company is already thinking about Halloween 2014.

“There are already some ideas in the pipeline,” she said. “It never ends.”

Not all food costumes are short and tight, however, as you can see by the photo gallery above. Online retailer Costume Craze also has a large line of food costumes.


Costume Craze spokesman Jeff Wiseman told The Times that he credited the food-centric plot of “Despicable Me 2" with spurring interest in food costumes. “And really, who wouldn’t want to be walking, talking piece of bacon or a giant taco?”

Wiseman said a bacon costume has proved so popular that “it just recently sold out. Our second-most popular costume? You guessed it — our taco costume.”

(We’re of two minds about that costume. On one hand, it’s cute and we love anything that pays homage to the taco. On the other hand ... that taco might get beaten up in L.A.)

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?



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