Swarovski ring-topped $500 milkshake at the new Powder Room in Hollywood

Milkshakes have always been about indulgence. How else can you really describe sucking the perfect blend of ice cream, syrup and your favorite flavorings through a straw? But Powder Room, a new Libertine Group-owned watering hole in Los Angeles slated to open Nov. 22, is taking milkshakes to an entirely different level.

Powder Room mixologist Adrianne Biggs (formerly at No Vacancy) has created a $500 milkshake called The Velvet Goldmine. It has premium spirits, edible gold, premium Belgian chocolate and it’s topped with a Swarovski ring you can take home. Now that’s swanky.

“I heard that other clubs in the area were doing bottle service and you could even get a Lamborghini and it was kind of getting over the top,” owner John Arakaki said. “I was like, what could we do that’s lush, luxurious and still fun, that’s glamorous since we’re in Hollywood, but still fun and attainable?”


The answer was the $500 milkshake. Arakaki and Biggs are still perfecting the recipe, experimenting with different premium liquors. There will be an ice cream element, but they’re not set on one just yet. And according to Arakaki, the ring on top is a Swarovski Nirvana Montana crystal ring. It retails for $190.

The shake is enough for one person, but it’s meant to be shared among friends.

“For us, the cost on that, there’s no skimping,” Arakaki said. “It’s going to be of value with everything that’s going into it.”

But that’s not the only boozy, over-the-top shake on the menu. Other libations include: Steel Magnolia with Zing “Red Velvet” vodka, red velvet cake, vodka-soaked cherries, cream cheese frosting, crushed salted pretzels and vanilla ice cream topped with cream cheese whipped cream; Caribbean Queen with Mt. Gay dark rum and Mt. Gay light rum blended with caramelized bananas, vanilla coconut milk, pineapple juice and vanilla ice cream; and more.

All of the shakes and their ingredients will be made in the St. Felix kitchen. The flavors will rotate seasonally. There’s also a full list of specialty cocktails by Luke Andes (Providence), Nadia Underwood (STK), and Arakaki.

1606 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028, a (323) 469-5001,

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