The most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner ever will cost you $99,466


How much are you planning on spending on Valentine’s Day dinner this year? Probably not an amount anywhere near $100,000, unless you decide to hire a Michelin-starred chef to cook dinner at your home, for probably the most expensive Valentine’s Day dinner ever.

If you’re willing to put down the dough -- 61,000 pounds (or $99,466 at current exchange rates) -- British chef Adam Simmonds will come to your house and cook an eight-course meal full of the most expensive ingredients in the world. The experience is up for sale on the website

And of course there’s plenty of wine, and Champagne. Pairings have been selected for each of the eight courses by British wine merchant group Corney and Barrow.


The menu includes native oysters with Almus white caviar served on Flora Danica china, South Sea pearls and amethyst bamboo salt paired with Salon Blanc de Blancs, 1959; slow-cooked duck egg, Iberico ham, Alexanders and spring white truffle paired with Salon Blanc de Blancs 1979; Pacific bluefin tuna, chorizo, watermelon and ponzu served with Le Montrachet, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, 1991 and more.

There’s also Wagyu beef, Carabineros prawns, gold leaf, silver leaf and more. The entire menu is online. And here’s a breakdown of the ingredient pricing, converted to dollars (you know, so you don’t feel ripped off or anything):

Almus white caviar -- $4,891.80
Pata Negra Iberico jambon de Bellotta -- $293.51
Spring white truffle -- $1,630.60
Blue fin tuna -- $195.67
Goose foie gras -- $195.67
English saffron -- $326.12
Carabineros prawns -- $195.67
Gold leaf -- $3,261.20
Silver leaf -- $1,304.48
Wagyu beef -- $326.12
Truffled Brillat Savarin -- $130.45
Perigord truffle -- $815.30
Mast Brothers Reserve vanilla and smoked chocolate -- $244.59
Kopi Luwak coffee -- $570.71
Amethyst bamboo salt -- $3,261.20
Flora Danica china -- $3,913.44
South Sea pearls -- $9,783.60
Dry ice -- $326.12


Salon Blanc de Blancs, 1959, bottle -- $5,870.16
Salon Blanc de Blancs, 1976, magnum -- $4,891.80
Le Montrachet, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, 1991, bottle -- $6,522.40
Chateau D’Yquem, 1975, bottle -- $652.24
La Romanee-Conti, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, 1990, bottle -- $27,720.20
Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Chateau Rayas, 1990, bottle -- $1,956.72
Ermitage, Vin de Paille, M.Chapoutier, 1997, half bottle -- $163.06
Quinta do Noval, Nacional, 1966, bottle -- $2,282.84

And 1,000 pounds ($1,630.60) of the meal price will be donated to the Prince’s Trust, a British charity for young people started Prince Charles.

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