New Year’s Eve: Eight foods that like to party

Every party has one. A smoker out on the balcony; the sweaty guest glued to the dance floor; the party animal who never fails to bring the shot glasses. Here’s a list of eight party foods with some real personality. Be sure to check out the recipes to make for your own New Year’s Eve bash.

1. The boozer: What’s a good party without a stiff drink? The boozy bread pudding with whiskey from Handlebars Food and Saloon can definitely throw back a couple shots. And these little guys sure are sweet.

2. The popular kid: Who doesn’t like pizza? This potato pizza with caramelized onion sauce is sure to please everyone at the party.

3. The smoker: The best way to add a little nicotine-free smoke to a party is bacon. Serve guests a smoky sweet, candied smoked bacon martini.


4. The shy guy: Prosciutto asparagus wraps give these timid green spears a crispy, cozy wrapping.

5. The double dipper: It’s hard not to take a double dip into this simple guacamole recipe. Try not to judge.

6. The loudmouth: On the snack table, the hot Buffalo chicken wings scream loud over the party music with spice. Talk about needy.

7. The ladies man: This creamy, smooth roasted eggplant dip will have all the ladies swooning.


8. The hipster: The happy vegan salad from the Tender Greens restaurants is a little fussy with lots of different components, but it’s healthy, delicious and just trendy enough to fit in at the food table.


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