Pastry chef update: Nicole Rucker’s doughnuts now at Cofax


For those of you who follow this town’s pastry chefs like the breadcrumbs from their excellent loaves — or maybe the cake crumbs or croissant or pie crust flakes — you may know that Nicole Rucker left Gjusta not too long ago, only to resurface with the folks who run Golden State.

This means not only Golden State, but Bludso’s, Prime Pizza and Cofax, where Rucker’s doughnuts officially arrive today.

Thus gone are the estimable doughtnuts from Donut Snob, and in their place Rucker’s vanilla cake doughnuts with coconut, vanilla with chocolate cookie crumbs, spice cake with crumbs, chocolate with rainbow sprinkles (using local Compartes chocolate), a yeasted chocolate glazed raised doughnut, (also Compartes), and honey sea salt (Maldon salt). There will also be seasonal and fruit-flavored doughnuts. And yes, Rucker’s doughnuts will be available daily.


Also at Cofax, for those of you who don’t like doughnuts (really?), expect churros-flavored caramel corn and glazed hand pies and cookies. (Also pork rinds with hot sauce.)

Meanwhile, at Bludso’s a few blocks west on La Brea Avenue, Rucker is making chocolate chess pie (launching on Mother’s Day), banana pudding and peach cobbler. And Rucker is also working on the pizza dough at Prime Pizza, because. Having an excellent pastry chef on hand has all kinds of added benefits, doesn’t it?

Cofax: 440 N Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, (323) 424-7485.

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