Sriracha Pringles exist! But you can get them only at one store

Sriracha Pringles at Walmart.
Sriracha Pringles at Walmart.

Attention Sriracha fans, Pringles has launched a new Sriracha flavor of stackable chips.

But before you rush out to the nearest grocery store, you need to know you can only find the flavor at Walmart. Kellogg’s, the company behind Pringles, started shipping the chips out to Walmart locations at the end of February. (No word yet on when Sriracha Pringles will be available in grocery stores.)

The package features a fire-breathing dragon, a chile and a bottle of hot sauce in the shape of the Huy Fong Food’s bottles, minus the green cap. According to the ingredient list, these chips get their tang from chile pepper, apple cider vinegar and paprika extract.

The chile-flavored chips may be a Godsend for those still mourning the loss of the Lay’s Sriracha potato chips, but they are just the latest in a long list of Sriracha products. Other Sriracha-flavored snacks include Sriracha Kettle Brand chips, Sriracha candy canes, Sriracha bacon lollipops and more.


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