Peanut butter cayenne pie and other things we want in our mouths now

Spicker’s pie
A Snicker’s pie temptation.
(YkB Urban )

Our Monday morning #weekendeats chat on Twitter is meant to soothe the office blues with a healthy does of food porn. This week’s chat was especially satisfying, with a good mix of everything from mini pies to cheese and olive straws, enough tacos to feed an army and a lamb sandwich that will make your eyes pop out of your head. Here are the highlights:

For the taco lovers, the blog shared a post of bites from this past weekend’s Tacolandia food fest. There are pictures of al pastor tacos, fried scallop tacos, goat cheese and peanut tacos, cured snapper tacos and more. Esther Tseng also shared a photo of one of her Tacolandia bites, an octopus taco from Tacos Kokopelli.

If you’ve never thought of putting cayenne pepper in your peanut butter, you may be missing out. Jenn from the blog took a chance with her latest dessert recipe for peanut butter pies with cayenne pepper and a graham cracker crust. YkB Urban also had us doing a double take with a picture of a Snickers pie.

If you’re entertaining this summer, Shulie Madnick from the blog has a recipe for Bread’s Bakery cheese and olive straws. And here’s a recipe for an easy coconut bread from Sabrina, also known as “Bean” on her blog Bean Eats.


For a picture that will have you drooling in no time, check out this braised lamb neck sandwich from Tony Chen of the blog Sinosoul. It’s on the new lunch menu at AOC.

Please join in by tweeting your #Weekendeats at us Monday mornings @latimesfood, and share your photos with us in our “Weekend Eats” gallery. You can also use #Weekendeats on Twitter and #weekendeats on Instagram to upload your photos to the gallery automatically. We’ll feature some of the photos here on Daily Dish, so be sure to check back for more #Weekendeats and #Foodporn throughout the week.

Hope to see everyone next Monday morning on Twitter! It’s sure to be a drool-worthy good time.



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