New Thai vendor Sticky Rice open at Grand Central Market


Sticky Rice, a new Thai food stall, is now open at the Grand Central Market downtown. The addition of the new vendor is part of the historical food court’s ongoing makeover.

Sticky Rice started as a stand at the Altadena Farmer’s Market featuring food from chef Johnny Lee (Flying Pig, Rivera, Spirits House) with the help of partner David Teasart (Soi 7, Spirits House).

Like all of the Grand Central Market vendors, Sticky Rice is small, with an open kitchen and prep area. A vibrant red-orange sign with the day’s menu written in chalk sits above the kitchen area and a handful of counter seats.


There are currently three items on the menu: The gai yang, a traditional Thai BBQ chicken served with sticky rice and papaya salad, for $9. The papaya salad is made just to the left of where patrons order using a large, wooden mortar and pestle. The woman behind the counter adds each ingredient separately then pummels it with the pestle before adding the next.

The khao mun gai, Thai Hainan-style chicken served with garlic rice, chicken soup and a sweet and pungent garlic dipping sauce, is also $9. Panang beef curry, bubbling in a large pot over a counter-top electric burner, is served with coconut rice for $6.

Sticky Rice is open Monday through Friday.

317 S Broadway, #C-4-5, Los Angeles.


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