Guy refuses to share ice cream at ballgame, becomes role model


A man was caught on camera during a Magic vs. Pacer game refusing to share his ice cream cone with his girlfriend. He’s watching the game, enjoying his ice cream, when all of the sudden, his girlfriend tries to stick her spoon in it. He nonchalantly pulls away causing her to give him her best “oh-no-you-didn’t face.”

If you’re his girlfriend, or any one of her friends, you’re probably thinking this guy is a jerk. She just wanted a little ice cream. What’s the big deal? Wrong.

It’s happened to all of us. You’re at a ballgame and your tummy starts rumbling. You decide to get up, make your way through the crowd, miss part of the game and stand in line to get a snack. You ask your friends if they want to come along to get anything and they can’t peel their eyes away from the game to answer you. You return with a hot dog, some beer and an ice cream cone. Your friend sees your loot and of course wants to grab a bite. No way. Ain’t going to happen.


This guy did what he had to do. It’s your ice cream, you protect it. If she wants a bite, she can go get her own. It’s not rude. Sharing is caring, but not at a game. It’s ballgame snack etiquette.

“The fact that this has happened to all men at one point or another with their girlfriend only makes it that much sweeter. Extra points for his pokerface during the whole clip lol,” wrote jicudi on Youtube.

“This is an American hero,” commented Sortafly.

I couldn’t agree more. He did end up giving in at the end though. Weak sauce. What do you think? Was he being a jerk, or a hero?


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