A look at the secret life of Peeps

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Easter is almost here, and for some, this means colored eggs and bunnies and candy-filled baskets. But for those who can’t celebrate the holiday without a squishy marshmallow treat, it can mean only one thing. The Peeps are coming!

The brightly colored marshmallows have developed a cult following, and people take their Peeps seriously. If you really think about it, what’s not to love about a purple chick-shaped marshmallow?

Test Kitchen Director Noelle Carter took to making her own Peeps this year and noted in a recent story what people do with Peeps can be even more fun than eating them. Peeps dioramas have become art.


Clicking through the many Peep dioramas online got us thinking. What do Peeps do when we’re not around? Is there a secret life no one knows about? Determined to find out, we investigated.

Turns out, Peeps aren’t that different from us. They eat, they sleep and they do weird things when no one is looking. Check out our gallery above where we reveal the secret life of Peeps. No fancy dioramas here. Just snapshots of a day in the life of a Peep.

And if you want to try to make your own Peeps, check out this recipe and step-by-step photo gallery.

Happy Easter!


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